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    Skinny Girl Sara

    escort-girl-sara escort-in-berlin (2)skinny-girl-sara
    escort-in-berlin (2)skinny-girl-sara
      Age:21 - 30
      Höhe:I am 1,60 Meter tall
      Sprache:English, German
      Nationality:East European
      Offer For:Men, Women
      Hair Color:black
      Bra:70 B
      Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Anal, Dildo games, high heels, Erotic massage, 69 (69 sex position), OWO (Oral without condom), Handjobg, Cum on girl's body, Switching positions, Striptease, Extraball (Having sex multiple times)
      Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
      Mobility:fixed address visitable, house visits in region
    • Gelistet: 18. Januar 2017 15:26


    Sara is always in the center of everyone’s attention. She is beautiful, careful and lovable. By temperament – she is a real phlegmatic. Besides, Sara is independent and shows attention even to small things. She is very fond of setting different goals and achieving them. She will never stop at difficulties – on the contrary, obstacles will allow her to discover new qualities and opportunities. This is explained by the fact that by her nature, she is a very adventurous person.

    Sara has some subjectivity in her judgments. Sometimes, she considers only her opinion as the only correct one and does not intend to take into account the point of view of others in various issues. However, she is ready to give advice if she is asked about it. In the dispute, Sara is also inclined to defend her point of view, not listening to the arguments of the interlocutor. She may also suffer from excessive impatience – sometimes, Sara, indeed, does not have enough exposure. She is not inclined to express openly emotions in public and by her nature, she is a secretive person. She tries to listen to her inner voice and sometimes believes it more than others. This girl differs enviable work capacity and diligence. Sara has a more solid character and strong will. She sets goals and strives to achieve them at any cost. However, Sara is a person of mood. This beauty will astonish you. She knows how to enjoy her life. Moreover, she can show you how to get only pleasure from it as well. She will not let you go unsatisfied.

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