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    Sabrina - Bild1Sabrina - Bild2Sabrina - Bild3Sabrina - Bild4
    Sabrina - Bild1Sabrina - Bild2Sabrina - Bild3Sabrina - Bild4
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    Sabrina is cheerful and constantly seeks to explore the world around her. Showing curiosity, she becomes too persistent and intrusive. However, in general, she knows how to hide her flaws. She likes to communicate with other people, because she is very friendly and sociable girl. Although it cannot be said that she is uncommunicative – on the contrary, she is able to find a common language with almost everyone and enjoys authority in companies.

    Sometimes Sabrina is excessively good and often suffers from this. She is able to trust people, and they skillfully use it. After experiencing frustration in the relationship, she still opens up her heart to those who are around – she is very easily deceived. By nature, a girl named Sabrina cannot be passionately devoted to her goals. Of course, she is not a fighter in life. Having seen the obstacle, she is likely to back down and think about some new task. She just thinks globally, accordingly, and the goal before her puts too serious and complex, which is not always within her power. The only way out of the situation is to divide the goal into several small tasks. By nature, she is an observant person, and she likes to know the world around her. Even if she knows that she is right, she will not be categorical and will not put pressure on a person, preferring to use certain evidence. Sabrina stands for peace and is not ready to quarrel over trifles. This girl is distinguished by a strong-willed character. She is very brave and courageous. She inspires, attracts and fascinates.

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