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    Roswita - Bild1Roswita - Bild2Roswita - Bild3Roswita - Bild4
    Roswita - Bild1Roswita - Bild2Roswita - Bild3Roswita - Bild4
      Age:21 - 30
      Nationality:East European
      Offer For:Men
      Hair Color:brunette
      Bra:70 B
      Service:Sex, Kissing, Anal, French pure, French safe, Dildo games, Dominant
      Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    • Gelistet: 6. Oktober 2016 16:53


    Roswita – the girl is very calm and quiet. She remembers almost all the events in her life to the last detail. It is difficult for her to adapt to any changes and prefers not to change the situation, if such an opportunity exists.

    One of the main advantages of Roswita is the ability to arrive on time always and everywhere. Roswita is too impressionable, although she tries not to show her emotions in public. She tries to be tactful and does not go ahead. She will never tolerate betrayal and will not forgive even a close friend, if he betrayed her. She does not want to be fascinated by people, and then disappointed in them. In a dispute with others, she can blame only himself. In general, she is not too inclined to conflicts. Besides, she often depends on public opinion. She is by nature more observant and likes to be in the shade. She understands everything perfectly and notices, has prudence and frugality. She seeks complete independence and never obeys anyone. Even in a difficult situation, she will not ask for help. Roswita is able to draw conclusions from any situation. She also painfully reacts to all negative statements, does not get along well with evil people. In addition, if she does not immediately achieve the goal, then she throws what she started and does not finish anything. Roswita dreams that with her there will be a strong man as same affectionate and understanding as she is. She is indeed very beautiful and capable of giving her partner a feeling of home and warmth.

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