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    Raffaela - Bild1Raffaela - Bild2Raffaela - Bild3Raffaela - Bild4Raffaela - Bild5
    Raffaela - Bild1Raffaela - Bild2Raffaela - Bild3Raffaela - Bild4Raffaela - Bild5
      Offer For:Men
      Hair Color:brunette
      Bra:75 B
      Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Lesbian Duo, Foot fetish, Anal, French pure, French safe, Dildo games, Dominant
      Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    • Gelistet: 6. Oktober 2016 16:43


    You would not find a better company than this charming girl! Raffaela is always open for new acquaintances. She is very sociable and friendly person. Raffaela also may be characterized as a personality with an inherent spiritual freedom and independence of action. She is determined in this life and always makes all her decisions independently, using the accumulated experience for this. She always has many friends, and she is never lonely.

    At the same time, Raffaela can hardly be called the leader and soul of the company, because she is by nature an observer. However, in companies she usually feels more than comfortable. With this girl, there is always something to talk about, because she is not only smart and well read, but also, looking at a person, roughly understands what he might be interested in. Therefore, she is known as an excellent interlocutor. In conversation, Raffaela does everything to convince others in her own right, without using the wrong methods. The only thing that she does not tolerate in people is sluggishness. She also does not understand and does not accept the habits of a person constantly late, because she always comes on time and appreciates the time of the interlocutor. By her nature, she is an extrovert and sometimes has an excessive activity. Failures and obstacles she suffers very hard and may even fall into depression. Sometimes she tries to speak not what she thinks, if she understands that her words can influence the decision of the interlocutor. She hardly gets used to changes in her life. Anyway, she is dependable, lovable and tender.

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