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    Nicoletta - Bild1Nicoletta - Bild2Nicoletta - Bild3Nicoletta - Bild4
    Nicoletta - Bild1Nicoletta - Bild2Nicoletta - Bild3Nicoletta - Bild4
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    Nicoletta is affectionate, languid, emotional, and frank in the manifestation of feelings. She can report what she thinks or feels about anything. She likes to bathe in the sea of ​​care and attention from others; she needs sympathy, and approval. Nicoletta has a very changeable nature. Her character clearly shows emotional anxiety and insecurity, and sometimes, this can play a cruel joke with her. Therefore, it is very important for her not to react too painfully to various life troubles, do not try to dissolve in surrounding people, forgetting about themselves.

    A girl named Nicoletta, as a rule, does not do very well with the role of a leader, as it forces her to make her own decisions, which she is not always capable of. Anyway, she perfectly interacts with others. Attention from the people around her, she appreciates and loves, therefore, she will try to attract attention in every possible way. By the way, she will do everything so perfectly to receive praise. In addition, she always strives to win a dispute. However, she will never plot behind other people’s backs, but simply say directly what she thinks about them. For others, she still tries to be an example for imitation, which is facilitated by such qualities as principles, punctuality, accuracy, and compulsion. Nicoletta is always ready to help, does not like cheating. Moreover, she is energetic, knows how to create a warm climate in the relationship. She knows how to enjoy life, loves sports, theater. Nicoletta is very emotional and sensual. She loves to bring pleasure in others’ lives. Be the lucky one, call her!

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