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    Natalie - Bild1Natalie - Bild2
    Natalie - Bild1Natalie - Bild2
      Sprache:German, French
      Nationality:East European
      Offer For:Men
      Hair Color:brunette
      Bra:70 C
      Service:Sex, Kissing, Girlfriendsex, Gangbang, Foot fetish, Anal, French pure, French safe, Dildo games, Dominant
      Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    • Gelistet: 6. Oktober 2016 16:28


    Natalie has excessive mobility and activity – it is very difficult for her to concentrate on just one task. In general, she is distinguished by excessive kindness towards others and always seeks help and support if she sees that close people are in trouble. It is worth noting that Natalie is very fond of being in an intelligent society and is very meticulous about who she would let in her social circle, although she does not show it.

    Natalie is a person who is purposeful and morally stable. It is difficult to frighten her by failures and obstacles. On the contrary, difficulties only inspire Natalie. If she is faced with failure, she will never lower her hands and will continue to strive to implement the plan. In society, she tries to avoid conflict as much as possible and does not impose her opinion on others. Although she is ready to give a piece of advice if she is asked about it. Moreover, she has a rare ability to see the situation completely and understands people perfectly, easily calculating lies and falsity in deeds. Natalie is executive and compulsory, does not like deceit and never gives incomplete promises. You can always rely on her, and this quality is highly appreciated by others. For her, the fact that people around her will think about her is of great importance. She does not tolerate lies, and therefore, in communicating with others, she always speaks directly. All the affairs that have been initiated must necessarily be completed. She will make the best night ever. You will be surely delighted.

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