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    Christina - Bild1Christina - Bild2Christina - Bild3
    Christina - Bild1Christina - Bild2Christina - Bild3
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    Christina – is a very determined, emotional, and sociable girl. She always seeks to please loved ones and make them much happier. She largely depends on public opinion, and it is very important for her, that her actions would be noticed, commented and approved. Sometimes she even does things that are contrary to her nature, but will definitely cause a high appreciation from other people.’

    By nature, a girl named Christina is a creative and very artistic person. She is interested in everything and cannot decide the current goals, dissipating her attention to everything that is happening around her. She often works in the field of culture and art. With others, she communicates without problems. Christina never does anything to the detriment of other people, but, on the contrary, is able to rejoice in their merits. She has rather an unstable and volatile nature due to some insecurity and excessive sensitivity. Christina manifests herself as a beautiful girlfriend. Her close people can always count on her help and support. Besides, this girl is highly respected for her positive, optimistic, personal position. She will never take part in intrigues; will not be the initiator of the conflict. On the contrary, she prefers to do simply what she likes, especially she likes to please and give delight. Christina can be also characterized by high level of intelligence, creativity and developed intuition, which help her to cope with almost any work. She prefers to move forward and achieve success in all spheres of life. Christina needs a strong man, and definitely, it is you!

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