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    Carmen - - Bild1Carmen - - Bild2Carmen - - Bild3Carmen - - Bild4
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      Phone:+49 (0)151 179 807 13
    • Gelistet: 8. Oktober 2016 14:47


    Carmen is able to convince people, manipulate events for good, knows how to make quickly decisions and implement them. She also likes to compete with someone, at the same time playing several different games, is able to forget about defeat, about grievances, about minor disagreements. Carmen has a sober, practical mind. She dares when it is necessary to make an important decision, her behavior is always calculated. Her character, however, is not easy. Anyway, she is always charming! She does not like if somebody tries to control her and ask questions about the reasons for her actions.

    Logical thinking, purposefulness, acute self-esteem and pragmatism also distinguish her. When she does not get what she wants, she changes and becomes better. Carmen is a practical and sensible person, who knows how to make smart decisions even in extreme situations. At a certain moment, she ceases to be guided by emotions and begins to concentrate on a certain matter. She has courage, and therefore, very often she defends close people who are in trouble or faced with injustice. In addition, Carmen manages to remain charming and attractive to people. She always understands what she needs from life, sets a goal and goes to it, not noticing any obstacles. With all the questions, Carmen tries to figure out without help, but she can provide support at any time. In general, she is practical, energetic, generous and gay. She does not suffer from a lack of attention. She is a witty and pleasant woman in communication. She is a passionate lover, attentive, caring and affectionate girl.

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