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    Viktoria - Image 1Viktoria - Image 2
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    You will never forget the temperament of Viktoria: when playing with fire, remember about caution. In her character, there are such main traits as loyalty, and excitability. Usually this charming woman is distinguished by a rare depth of feelings that can play in her destiny both a positive and a negative role. It should also take into account her considerable self-esteem and persistence. Besides, the impulsive energy of her nature always leads her to success.

    Viktoria always has many plans and ideas, tries to deal with the emerging issues independently without seeking help. During her life, she is inclined to develop her abilities, discover new talents. She may by characterized by such features as caution, conscientiousness, reliability, and stability. Viktoria knows exactly how to behave in extreme situations, has the resolve, the speed of reaction. In addition, she has a calm, pragmatic, sensible attitude. Any difficulties arising on the way, Viktoria tries to overcome, using a liberal approach, but the radicalism in the actions is clearly not her fad. A lifetime for her is a priority, comfort, both on a physical and spiritual level. This girl is indeed very soft, vulnerable, kind and romantic. She constantly strives for knowledge, can be proud of such quality as conscientiousness, has a good imagination and is able to empathize with people. Viktoria very delicately perceives beauty and, as a rule, can boast of impeccable taste in everything. She also aspires to the fullness of life and does not allow even the thought of having to live it in vain. You will be fascinated after meeting this girl.

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