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    Paulina is very shy and hesitant. However, it should be said that at the same time this girl is kind and sympathetic, attentive and diligent. She also knows how to focus on the task. She does not like gossip, which allows Paulina to win respect from others. Quarrel and argue over trifles, she prefers to avoid – by nature, she is not a conflict person. It is interesting that Paulina has her own point of view on any issue, but she will not impose her own opinion on anyone. She does not know how to envy, but, on the contrary, she can rejoice over a loved one who has achieved success. Being friendly by nature, constantly is surrounded by friends and is never lonely.

    Sometimes Paulina shows some haste in actions, which can prevent her from realizing what was planned. Becoming more patient, she gets rid of many problems. She is curious, can have an unbalanced character, as a result of which she is painful to take criticism, even constructive. Paulina constantly has plans and goals, which she seeks to implement. She constantly feels that she deserves more. She also has many ideas, and she seldom sits in one place. Paulina is sociable, is an excellent companion and listener, which, of course, attracts a large number of people. She is a good psychologist and often knows how to approach people. At the same time, she is extremely sensitive to critical remarks and in some cases can strongly depend on the opinions of others. She also knows how to analyze past mistakes. You will like Paulina.

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