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    Mela is a very active, communicative and energetic person. She is indeed a special girl, able to think creatively, perfectly and easily learns new directions of activity for her, be it sports or the sphere of art. She often draws, sings, dances, writes poetry – artistry in her nature is more than enough. Her inability to concentrate often leads to the fact that Mela simply cannot learn well. It is necessary to say that she is a very communicable person, however, at the same time, it is very difficult for her to reveal herself to other people, and often, she keeps the accumulated grievances deep in herself. Sayings of surrounding people can hurt her very much. Yes, she is able to attach great importance to words, and it is important to disaccustom yourself to do this so as not to experience unnecessary stress. Therefore, despite her vulnerability, Mela is unlikely to show how bad or hard she is.

    Mela will keep the secret entrusted to her. In disputes, she prefers to reach a compromise, uses a soft approach to the interlocutor. If the conflict flares up stronger, and it is not possible to reach an agreement, it is easier for Male to leave. Other people likes making her the soul of the company. She has many friends and acquaintances; she does not suffer from loneliness. Mela is capable of much, especially to attract a man in a moment. Although, it is worth saying that she does this very well even without much effort. She is attractive, sexy, charming, knows how to flirt and expose herself in a favorable light.

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