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    Alexa - Image 1Alexa - Image 2Alexa - Image 3Alexa - Image 4
    • Listed: 18. February 2017 21:48


    Arbeitszeiten: 16 Uhr-4 Uhr
    90 EURO für die erste Stunde
    170 EURO für zwei Stunden
    250 EURO für drei Stunden
    450 EURO für sechs Stunden
    850 EURO Übernacht (12 Std.)
    1500 EURO Tag & Nacht (24 Std.)
    2500 EURO Happy Weekend (48 Std.)
    4999 EURO für eine Woche

    You will not stay indifferent after meeting with this beautiful lady. She is characterized by such qualities as authority, communication and excessive sensitivity. Alexa, along with acting abilities and creativity, also has a sharp mind, a beautiful memory and willpower. When she unites all this traits of her character, she achieves a great success. This girl is by nature a perfectionist, she constantly strives to become better and better, and therefore, is very meticulous to other people.

    A girl named Alexa is a true fighter for justice. She is always ready to stand up for the protection of family and friends who have encountered difficulties, and if their interests have been infringed. Alexa does not recognize any authority and on any issue has her own opinion, which she considers to be correct. In disputes, she always tries to impose her point of view on opponents and is too categorical. Alexa often lives in dreams of true love. This magnificent woman has the ability to direct her talents into the realm of science, philosophy, art and even religion. In many respects, her success depends on the ability to analyze her own mistakes and draw the right conclusions. Alexa is not used to being guided by other people’s tips, but prefers to act with her mind. She also likes to share her experiences with others and feel her importance. Alexa always looks beautiful, knows how to choose clothes with taste, and cares for herself and others. Her main aim is to please her man and give him a great delight. You will be completely charmed by her wild nature!

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